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The People, City and Garden Series

The People Series 1976-78
In the early days I needed to increase my camera skills and ability to work with people. I used a Leica in the classic street photography mode. Then I felt awkward about photographing strangers in the street, but was determined to confront my fears. Through the imagery I hoped to communicate that unease. This work was exhibited at The Impressions Gallery, York in February 1979.

The City Series 1980
This series was completed for the 1980 Fellowship at Sheffield city Polytechnic, and explored the fabric of the city. Focusing on abstraction I wanted to establish a clearer understanding of my visual concerns without reference to people. The work was exhibited at the Mappin Art gallery in January 1981.

The Garden Series 1984-86
Here I chose to photograph natural forms in gardens and parks, exploring subject matter far removed from the clean formal lines and shiny surfaces of the City Series. My attempt was to suggest a sense of narrative through the representation of plants with human association. I was also interested in the illusion of space, using out-of-focus, overlapping multi-exposure as well as narrow depth of field. The Garden series was exhibited at The Photographer’s Gallery, London, Spring 1986.