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“You’ll never grow anything taller than a daisy up here”….I was told.
The windswept front garden was surrounded by typical Cornish stone-faced banks also known as ‘hedges’. That was nearly 20 years ago and then there was nothing else except grass!

I planted Eleagnus ebbingei and Olearia virgata as windbreaks and gradually the shelter grew and various micro climates in the garden became apparent. Surrounded by agriculture, the gently sloping land faces south with panoramic views over the Lizard. Initially over 1000 bare-root native trees were planted close together in order to help them grow straight and compete with each other to reach the light.

The trees grew fast and after 16 years have height and strength, and are still growing straight. As I learn more about how trees and plants support each other through fungal networks (supplying nutrition and helping to defend against disease), I understand further that the garden works as an entity and given care and management will thrive.

I have continued to plant many rare trees and shrubs and flowering perennials, working to increase complexity and diversity. The experience and progression of the garden is recorded regularly through my photographic practice which interacts with the care and management of the garden, and in this way both passions are fulfilled.

The garden is open for the National Garden Scheme and Michael Whetman's Colour Constructions are installed during the summer months. Please see all details in the links page.