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In Paradiso (2011-2018) is the first series of images that I produced alongside the planting of my woodland garden. Many of the plants are rare and unusual and I’ve continually photographed them to capture the metamorphosis of their growth and development.

My aim has been to create photographs that are beautiful, richly coloured, sensuous, and otherworldly. The images have hybrid titles (created from fragments of the names of the actual plants), which are recognisable but purposely disordered in their representation.

In this series I used techniques of montage and layering to increase the perception of space and to create complexity and visual resonance. This technique has continued and been further refined in Splitting the Trees and Understory.

Images from this series was shown by Laura Noble at Unseen in Amsterdam in 2012 and exhibited by LA Noble gallery 2013, and William Morris Museum 2014.